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  • sharks and minnows 460Have you tried traditional swim lessons and not been successful in overcoming your fear in water?
  • Have traditional swim lessons tried to teach you how to swim freestyle without addressing your fear? 
  • You are not alone and you are not alone in your fear in water. 

     Ascension Swimming for Adults, LLC specializes in providing swim lessons for adults in the Richmond, VA area who have a fear in water. Lynn Greer is a trained swim instructor through Miracle Swimming for Adults (MSA). The MSA method, developed by Melon Dash, is virtually 100% successful and has been in existence since 1983. Your fear is addressed throughout the training without judgment or blame. Your comfort is a priority and lessons are designed to be fun, respectful and empowering. 

Class Sizes

The class size is a ratio of 2-1, that is, 2 students to 1 instructor. Lynn is the only instructor in the Richmond area and in Virginia who is trained to teach using the Miracle Swimming method. The ratio is small so that students receive the attention and care that they need during the learning process, all the while enjoying the company of others and knowing that they are not alone in their journey in overcoming their  fear in water. It has happened that lifelong friendships develop during this class!! 

Student Responsibilities

  • Agree to try the method
  • Agree to be on time and “ready to go” for all classes
  • Agree to communicate and provide timely feedback to the instructor

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Treat each student with respect and have concern for their fear.
  • Follow the MSA teaching method 100% of the time
  • Address each students’ concerns with honesty, integrity and fairness.

About Lynn

     I have been a life-long swimmer and have a passion for sharing my love of the water with others. My earliest memories of the water include sitting on the bottom of the pool and thinking that it was the coolest thing ever. I believe that it is a birth rite of every person to be able to swim and enjoy the water in whatever capacity they choose. 

     I have traveled and lived in many parts of the US, Kenya, Zimbabwe, St. Martin and St. Thomas. I grew up in Reading, PA and graduated from Penn State in 1990 and later completed my MBA Degree at the University of Mary Washington, and I had a shop for sale hoverboard water ebay. I now find my place in Richmond, VA.

Connection to Miracle Swimming for Adults I started teaching afraid adults locally and knew that there had to be a method somewhere that addressed the needs of this specific group of people. It didn’t take long before I found Miracle Swimming in Sarasota, FL. I was immediately impressed and attracted to MSA because of the approach toward healing fear first before teaching stroke mechanics. I contacted Melon Dash through website g700 military grade flashlight, applied to become an instructor and soon found myself in Sarasota in a 2-week training program where I witnessed just how powerful, effective and transformational the Miracle Swimming method is for adults who are afraid in water. 

Certifications and Education

  • Trained MSA Instructor for Beginning and Next Step Classes
  • Red Cross First Aid and Lifeguard
  • Trained Freediver through Performance Freediving International
  • Former SSI SCUBA Instructor, Dive Master and Rescue Diver
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration (University of Mary Washington, 2009)
  • BA Degree in Liberal Arts (Penn State University, 1990)
  • Advanced Reiki Level III practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

     You are probably wondering if this swim program is right for you and what makes it “different” from other adult swim programs. Fair enough, Before investing your hard earned money in another set of swim lessons, you should feel 100% assured that Ascension Swimming for Adults LLC is right for you. 

What is different about the Miracle Swimming Method?
     The Miracle Swimming method is based on addressing a person’s fear in water instead of teaching swim mechanics. Students learn how to be in control and comfortable at all times and therefore learn how to rely on themselves for their safety in shallow and deep water.

And it is fun!

What are my options after the Beginning Class?
     You may keep swimming on your own or take the Next Step class. There are also other classes available remotely through the Miracle Swimming for Adults.

Can I miss a class?
You may reschedule a class with a 96 hour notice.

What if I don’t want to share personal information during the talking sessions?
     It is OK! You will never be required to share any personal information that you are not comfortable with. 
You can volunteer to participate in classroom and pool exercises

How will I stay warm during a 1+ hour pool session?
      You are welcome and encouraged to wear a wet suit of your choice in the pool. Even though the pool water is 86 degrees plus, you may still get cold. Your comfort is import! Lynn can help you make the right decision about what type of suit to choose and where to purchase it. Oh, and Lynn definitely wears a wet suit! 


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